This page started out as a way to inform my former Pliam Law Group clients that their files moved to IngenaLaw and how to get in touch with me after the rebrand.  A couple old friends stumbled upon this and said they enjoyed reading about my business life, so I just kept adding to this page as I let the story of my business unfold. 

My Current Brands: is my most recent site and not yet well developed.  For now, it's just a marker for what has become my life's great passion - helping people make money in real estate by buying, selling, flipping, renting & syndicating deals. I've always loved real estate, but after experiencing first hand how it can improve one's net worth and cash flow (it's been pulling me out of the Ajeeta wreckage), I've become a fanatic about using real estate for economic development.  (Formerly IngenaLaw Prof Corp, formerly Pliam Law Group) Law practice has been my bread & butter for over 20 yrs now, interspersed with entrepreneurial endeavors. My mediation & dispute coaching practice is also housed here.  I adore my coaching-mediation work, which I started in earnest in 2008 after applying coaching training to legal disputes. So far it's not been lucrative, because it's hard to get the legal community to see the value in settling early.  But that work has opened new doors (steel ones) as I got to teach conflict resolution in the Dakota County Jail, and helped CRC Minnesota re-write their curriculum for that course. 

My Off-Burner Brands

These are either dead & gone or just not on my main burner right now.  

Ajeeta.  This was my once-grandiose dream of revolutionizing the way women bought clothing; i.e. tailored clothing combined with image coaching and girlfriend gatherings promoting women's wellbeing.  The concept was good and my partner & I were off to a brilliant start. But that was fall 2008. I conceived of the idea while on a 3 month trip to India. I started building Ajeeta when the financial collapse was happening back home. By Oct. when I came back to the US, I learned my business partner & I both lost access to our startup capital.  But that wasn't enough to stop us, and we went on as bootstrappers.  We did well with what we had. Despite launching within only 2 months from first conception, we still sold almost half our initial inventory by Jan 2009, and received a strong showing of interest.  But in Spring 2009 my partner suddenly had to handle a horrific and heinous murder of a loved one.  Recruiting help was already difficult in a scary economy, but after my partner left, I found it impossible to get people on board. I eventually closed up shop, but always with the idea that I am not done there.  Maybe someday under different circumstances this will be back.  After all, the name "Ajeeta" means "invincible" in Sanskrit.       

BizPurple.  This has always only been my side-kick business. I love coaching, but for various reasons I've never felt compelled (yet) to make it my lead brand.  This is exclusively for the bootstrapping, super-small companies who understand hiring a traditional business attorney is the goal, but meanwhile need to find ways to cut corners on legal fees.  The ILC is innovating access to legal help with concepts like "Lawshops" where legal product gets delivered in a group setting, and "PriceSimple" where clients name their price and wait for available attorney time at that price. This is the site that launched my practice in trademarks back in the late 90's.  Being in the right place/time was incredible...aah those were the days...super-small guys like me and Big Corp law firms had equal access to clients (Google changed all that, sadly!) This site is being redesigned to position once again as a leader in world of online trademark legal content. The work I do for clients under this brand is typically with smaller companies who have encountered troubles with their trademark, either due to a cease & desist nastygram or a rejection at the trademark office.  This is the business responsible for my periodic insanely busy-spells.  This is where I roll up sleeves and jump on board with a startup in order to push them through and get them started right.  It started as my law clients learned I was a bootstrapping entrepreneur myself and they liked how cheaply I did things for my own business. They started asking me to do that for them. Somewhere in there I realized what entrepreneurs really needed was a "partner" who filled the gaps of their know-how, but who wouldn't take a huge chunk of equity out of their dream.  This brand houses my "business matchmaking" concept.  I kept waiting for someone to start this, but nobody did.  So, here we go.  It's a better way (IMHO) to network and meet business people because its designed to facilitate meaningful leads & connections rather than merely pass referrals.  Someday I'd love to revisit the original concept for this brand, which was running entrepreneurial mastermind groups.